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10 Celebs Who SHADED Their Fans On Social Media

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10 famous people who lashed out at their fans on Twitter.

Being a celebrity means that people are constantly talking about you, and that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, even people who consider themselves fans can say things that are downright hurtful, like the time someone called Nick Jonas short on social media. But thankfully, there are certain celebs who aren’t shy about throwing shade, even at their own “fans.” Nick Cannon was called out for working on a project with Chris Brown, and responded by asking people to examine their own personal biases. People cheered Khloe Kardashian on for losing weight, but were quick to slam her for exercising while pregnant. Luckily, she had a perfect response for all the haters out there. Some people accused Dua Lipa of being a hypocrite after rumors surfaced of her texting her ex, but she was quick to shut that down. Cardi B sang some lyrics that also rubbed people the wrong way, but she doubled down and refused to stop singing about her man.

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