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Joel McHale Opens Up About New Netflix Show

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“I hope you like stuff getting made fun of, because we’re going to make fun of everything.” That’s how Joel McHale closed our conversation earlier this week, pleasing words to someone like me. Though I’m not down for a free-for-all where people punch down and kick puppies, I do believe that there’s a place for snark, and that sometimes gets forgotten.
The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale will technically reside, though the weekly series is very much not a talk show according to McHale.
McHale, of course, has a lot of experience being an ambassador for ridicule, mocking reality TV stars for 12 seasons while standing in front of a green screen on The Soup until 2015.
Well, the thing I’ve been saying is we’re not gonna not cover anything. We’re gonna cover everything. But because the Trump administration takes up all of news and all of entertainment all the time, we want people to know that there are still tons and tons of silly stupid reality shows out there that are not getting enough attention and should be pointed out.
But it was more that I really liked doing it and when Netflix showed interest, we jumped at it. I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t do it earlier, but I’m a procrastinator and I’m very ADHD, and I don’t get around to that stuff quick enough. I mean, I really enjoyed making the show at E! for 12 years, but there are more reality shows on now then there was television on in 2002.

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