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Show me an individual who does not like personalized objects, and I will show you a liar. Add anything meaningful, or something reminding you of something good, and there you have your happiness. Ever since I got a silver bar necklace engraved with my man’s name, I have meant to get more personalized necklaces. Here is how I make a hand stamped necklace, and so can you!


Stamping supplies you need:

–jeweler’s bench block

–number and letter punch stamps

-masking or painter’s tape


-rubbing alcohol

-black marker


Supplies you need for double pendant necklace:

-2 circle stamping or bar stamping blanks

–jump rings

-gold necklace chain

-necklace clasp


First up, use masking tape to tape your stamping blank onto the metal bench block. You need to place your tape in a way that holds the blank in place and also gives a guideline to follow for the phrase. After that pick the metal punch stamps that will constitute your name, phrase, or hashtag, and put them in the proper order in front of yourself.


You can start with the middle character by holding the stamp in the right place on the blank, followed by a light tap with the hammer on the punch stamp. You can follow it up with a firmer second hit. Once the first character is in order, carry on stamping the remaining letters one at a time until the phrase is complete.


Moreover, use a black marker to darken the letters, and subsequently wipe the letter with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to make the letters more legible.


Now to make the double pendant and bar necklaces, you need to stamp two exact blanks with correlating phrases and cut a shorter and a longer length of chain. I recommend using jump rings to affix the blanks to the chain and two additional jump rings to fasten the two chains to the necklace closure.


Well, you know anything made with love speaks for itself!

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