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My Reality Tv island

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this is me playing at reality tv island

Click SHOW MORE for instuctions to beat island

How to beat island:
go to the grocery store and talk to the guy on the right,
pick up the thing he dropped,
and exmine it.
click the card on the page,
then go to the motel office.
pick up a pen then go on the phone and dial 555 7383
and then call.
then once they awnser say room 48.
then go outside of the office and go talk to the pizza person and talk to them,
and then go to room 48/click the door.
talk to the guy once he opens the door and he will give you a stamp.
then go to the tv store and go to the top tv and click the tv,
keep watching the random things that are happening and the address will show up,
once you have that, go too the little card you got from the magazine or whatever it is and write why you should be on the show(say anything like”idk”) then go out of it and go to the mail box and click it,
once the helecopter comes then just go in it and do the island games!
thank you for watching and subscribe for more!

Other Channels:
-and any other buddie’os channels

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