Simple Advice on How to Run a Successful Yoga Studio

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Today, 36 million Americans practice yoga which makes it as evident as living daylight that there is a buck to be made in the yoga industry.  However, it is not easy by any means, and following suggestions may help;


Be Yourself


It is a no-brainer, as the ambiance of your yoga studio will be a reflection of your aura. Therefore, invest time in devising an environment where you are at your surreal best to render quality services to your customers.




If you are doing what the rest are practicing, then do not expect progress anytime soon. Therefore, differentiate yourself by having diversified class offerings. For instance, if your forte is Power Yoga or Vinyasa, then benefit your pupils with once a week Yoga Nidra or Yin Yoga class.


Alternatively, you can offer unique business offerings such as renting out a portion of your studio to a massage therapist. It will add to the overall charm of your facility.


Offer Specialty Events


You can also differentiate by adding Teacher Trainings and workshops. For example, if you intend to offer a Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training Program, you are required to become a Registered Yoga School (RYS) via Yoga Alliance. It is a useful way to generate income on the side, while you are rendering your regular yoga services.


Sell Retail


You can make use of spare space in your studio by offering retail items such as yoga apparel, jewelry, books, and water bottles to ensure additional revenue.


Get a Website


Unless your studio in somewhere in the Himalayas, the chances are that you know the viability of having a functional business website. A website will help you expand your business, keep track of potential yogis and will enable your students to register for events or classes online.




  • Offer simple packages
  • Offer a free trial
  • Test out Groupon

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